Preparation of permanent makeup lip procedure

Permanent makeup lip

Cold sores

In rare circumstances, some patients (who suffered from cold sore before) have been known to develop outbreaks after permanent makeup lips procedure. If this is the case it is advised to ask your GP for a course of anti-viral medication which can be taken before and immediately following the treatment to help prevent an attack.

Cold sores is an uncomfortable skin condition, next to it may affect the healed result, stopping the pigments being retained in the area of the sores.

Here is a good example of anti-viral medication. In my praxis most of the time we use medication called Telviran, which every case brought the expected result.

HOWEVER for those clients, who don’t want to expose their liver to “unnecessary” medication the market offers a natural plant-based solution. The supplement called Virese from Nutri provide a gentle, yet powerful protection against Herpes Simplex.   Virese product information sheet

Please follow my permanent makeup lips procedure.