Microblading revolutionary eyebrow application

Microblading is actually type of PMU, that is performed without a permanent makeup device. It is a manual technique that can create the thinnest, lovely curved strokes. In comparison with classic hairstoke eyeborws it definitely provides a possibility to create the most natural look.

Young woman getting a permanent eyebrow make up treatment

Plannning of the costumized shape

Movements for drawing curved hair and movements for color filling are specific and they require a lot of practice and experience. This is the reason why microblade eyebrows are  marketed in a same price as powdery or hairstroke eyebrows, though it’s lifetime is only 1 year. The application needs a color boost treatment – depending on skin type and color depth – more or less in every year. The shape of the brows are measured during a special makeup design test with special tool. A range of different shaped and sized blades helps to imitate the clients original eyebrow hair. These days it is the most demanding eyebrow treatment, and in Hungary our training center offers this course every day. The popularity of the procedure lies on its simplicity. Each of my student find the application exciting, and the market of microblading brows is booming day by day.

The protocol of color choice for eyebrow embroidery is the same as with any eyebrow procedure, I examinate:

  • skin undertone – pigment dominant hue compatibility
  • the light-fastness of the colors used
  • sunbathing habits of the client
  • color of the original hair
  • client expectations
  • raw material of chosen pigment.
Embroidery microblading by Katalin

Embroidery microblading by Katalin

All of these factors will give me an idea what skintone I will use for microblade brows. It always needs to be taken into account that while with powdery brows we cover 100% of the area of the brows, with embroidery we will only cover 30-60%. So consequently color with microblade application needs to be at least 2-3 tone darker than with powdery brows.

Structure of different application techniques in microblading

Microblading of Katalin Farkas


Microblading from Sue Szelle