General aftercare tips

Immediately following any micorpigmentation procedure the treated area may become red and may remain so for several days after treatment. The elected colour will be darker and more intense immediately after treatment. This darker colour should exfoliate and lighten within 7-26 days, with up to 50% of the colour observed after treatment being lost as the scabbing heals and falls away. To support this regeneration process please be advised by Permanent Makeup London with a followings:

1. In the first week of the healing period you must not pick or peel the light scab as this may result in pigment loss and uneven looking result. You should try to avoid getting the area wet and use the petroleum jelly to support the regeneration process. We suggest petroleum jelly as it is non-reactive in most clients.

2. Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers as they may have bacteria on them and create an infection.

3. I should avoid any trauma to the treated area, as well as traditional make up for at least 5 days.

4. You should avoid any trauma to the treated area, as well as traditional make up for at least 5 days.

5. That micropigmentation pigments contain Titanium Dioxide. Lasers can permanently alter the colour of this compound in such a manner which cannot be rectified by having a new procedure.

6. Once the area has healed, you are advised to use a total sunblock over the treated area.

7. Please avoid exercise, Hot Yoga, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the ocean, gardening, animals by the procedure area until area is completely healed post procedure and after all colour refreshers (6-10 days).

8. Do not use any products that contain AHA’s, Vitamin A, Retinol A or similar lightening and peeling products on the procedure area. It will fade your pigment colour. Read the ingredients on the back of any bottle of product that you will using. If you have any concern about your product contact us.

9. That the colour should stay visible for several years (and in some cases indefinitely). All colours will change with time and as a result, a re-touch procedure will be required periodically to keep the procedure looking fresh.
(To keep the pigmentation fresh it is recommended to avoid UV radiation, microdermabrasion treatment or laser treatment on the treated area.)

10. I should attend the clinic for my re-touch appointment (between the 4th and 8th week) to discuss and if it is needed to improve the result.

Remember all procedures must HEAL, PEEL, and FADE! This process may take up to 10 days!

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