Corrective eye permanent makeup

The eyes communicate, captivate, smile and can speak silently, yet with incredible intensity. This is where we engage with another’s face. Like a fine painting, eyes can be framed with natural color, and this is called permanent eyeliner. Eye permanent makeup can give lift and lengthen the shape of your eyes, even make them appear larger and more animated. Shaded permanent eyeliner provides a beautiful frame of color that can be seen through eyeglasses, making eye color vibrantly sparkle and dance.

Permanent eyelash enhancement stays where regular over-the-counter makeup can’t even go – between the lashes. Lash enhancement places pigment gently between the lashes to provide a truly magnificent and natural frame that softly surrounds the eye. With soft ’highlight’ effect we can emphasize the look, and make the eyes look far-set.

Katalin will work with you to design permanent eyeliner to suit your taste and assist you with what flatters you best. Her shaded eyeliner and  colorful permanent eyeliner are a favorite among people on-the-go, allergy sufferers, and those with lens sensitivities. No running, or smearing from regular eyeliners ever again!

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