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Young woman getting a permanent eyebrow make up treatment

Microblading revolutionary eyebrow application

Microblading is actually type of PMU, that is performed without a permanent makeup device. It is a manual technique that can create the thinnest, lovely curved strokes. In comparison with classic…

Permanent make-up

Corrective eye permanent makeup

The eyes communicate, captivate, smile and can speak silently, yet with incredible intensity. This is where we engage with another’s face. Like a fine painting, eyes can be framed with…

Permanent make up on eyebrows.

Painfree permanent makeup for everyone

As a permanent makeup technician, my top priority is making sure my clients have a pleasant and safe experience in my clinic, from the initial consultation to the last touch-up…

Permanent eyebrow make up

What you need to know about the purity of permanent pigments

The reason why I published this article is not to terrify permanent makeup pigment users or clients who want to undergo the treatment, more to emphasize the importance of the…

Permanent make-up

Semi-permanent eyelash enhancement video

Do you worry about pain? Do you have any concern about permanent makeup procedures? Take a minute to watch this step-by-step permanent makeup video about eyelash enhancement protocol with me….

Permanent make-up (Tattoo)

General after care tips from Permanent Makeup London

Immediately following any micorpigmentation procedure the treated area may become red and may remain so for several days after treatment. The elected colour will be darker and more intense immediately…

Permanent make up on lips

Look great naturally with permanent makeup!

LET YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY SHINE WITH PERMANENT MAKEUP! Naturally beautiful woman never seem to worry about their looks. All of us including You are a natural beauty, so why wouldn’t…