About eyebrow techniques

The criterion describing the ideally tailored eyebrow tattoo is a highly creative and complex task that needs very good eyes, reliable imagination and aesthetic sense.

Harmony with the rest of the face and a natural look should be aimed for on a case-by-case basis. The design should be exact and adapted to the individual characteristics of each client, keeping in mind the specific permanent makeup technique to be used.

The following article will give you a short introduction about the applied techniques, however won’t replace the professional makeup design test performed by your technician.

What eyebrow tattoo design suits to you the most?

If you want to achieve the most natural look the following eyebrow enhancement technique would suit to your needs: hair-by-hair strokes.

If each individual hair is stimulated we follow the natural direction of hair growth. Ideal growing direction is vertical from the inside, inclining slightly. The hair progressively get more and more horizontal, and on the ends completely horizontal. For a perfect hair-by-hair stimulation result it is essential to work with narrow lines and to correctly trace the length and placement of each hair.

Intensive shading is recommended for well-shaped but uneven brows. We use the shading to balance the color of the eyebrows and give special emphasis wherever it is needed.

With techniques of soft shading well-shaped brows with sparse and imperceptible natural angle brows can be corrected. The design follows the natural bow and reinforces the brow’s highpoint and shape.

Microblading is an artistic eyebrow, where the hairstrokes are created with a help of microblades with a needles size less than 0,2 mm. This allows the practitioner to draw extremely fine, crispy hairstrokes achieve the most natural look. Clients choosing this technique should consider that the result is guaranteed for a year, so much less than with any other technique.



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